Friday, August 27, 2010

David's Review of Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil (Legends)

4/5 Rancors - Dynasty of Evil is the third book in Drew Karpyshyn's trilogy about Darth Bane and the Old Republic. The action in the three books takes place about a thousand years before the time of A New Hope. The first book was Path of Destruction which introduced us to Darth Bane when he first became a Sith and developed the maxim of having only two Sith - a master and an apprentice. The second book was Rule of Two with Darth Bane training his apprentice Zannah and growing ever stronger in the Dark Side with the help of the barnacle-like orbalisks.

Now, in Dynasty of Evil, we see Bane become even more powerful as he waits to see if his apprentice is ready to challenge him. If Zannah is not up to the challenge, Bane may need to find other alternatives. One that particularly appeals to him is to find a means of extending his own life. His scheme intertwines with a mission that he assigns to Zannah, and additional characters play important roles. Serra is the daughter of Caleb, a healer who once saved Bane's life. She is now a princess of the mining world of Doan. Lucia is Serra's bodyguard and, interestingly enough, used to be a member of the Gloom Walkers regiment at the same time as Bane. Then we have The Huntress, who is a Force-sensitive assassin, and Set Harth, an artifact hunter who used to be a Jedi. They all are interesting characters who are heavily involved with the tale.

Mr. Karpyshyn does an excellent job in moving the story along and has some great action sequences as well as an ending that is open to interpretation by the reader. I look forward to seeing what he writes about next in the Star Wars universe.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

David: Rancor Spotting #20 (Legends)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia
Page 16

We learn that the infamous pirate and bounty hunter Aurra Sing is wearing a pair of well-worn boots made of rancor skin. No information is provided as to who dealt with the rancor in order to obtain the skin.

David's Clone Wars Bonus Reviews: The Complete Season One (DVD), The Official Episode Guide - Season 1, The Character Encyclopedia (Legends)

5/5 Rancors - I have recently watched Season One of The Clone Wars on DVD while, at the same time, reading The Official Episode Guide to see if I missed anything while I was watching. The DVDs are wonderful, and it has been great fun to watch the episodes again after seeing them originally on TV. Each episode includes a featurette showing director Dave Filoni and other key members of the production team talking about the development of the episode. All were very interesting. Also, a few of the episodes are presented as director's cuts, so they show some footage we have not seen before. Great fun. The package also includes a booklet showing drawings and pictures.
The Official Episode Guide is very useful. Each episode is covered separately with a synopsis, pictures, background information, and lists of the cast, characters, weapons, and vehicles. I found the book to be helpful if you read about each episode after watching them on the DVD.

Then there is the Characte
r Encyclopedia for Clone Wars. The book covers more than 200 characters and gives you a description, statistics, a picture, and specific background information for each. The characters are listed in alphabetical order so you can always look up a particular one you might be interested in. As is true with most Clone Wars items, the book has a great look to it.

I am pleased that The Clone Wars series has been successful enough to spawn all of the books and the DVDs that have been issued. The quality of the packaging has been excellent, and I am optimistic that we have a great deal more to look forward to.