Wednesday, September 8, 2010

David: Rancor Spotting #21 (Legends)

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams

Page 70 - Shigar, now clad in the snarling visage of a rancor racer, blended in perfectly.(Shigar is a Jedi Padawan.)

Page 74 - They squeezed into a niche and Shigar gratefully rid himself of the mask and a large amount of his leather rancor-riding gear, leaving him wearing just pants, boots, and a tight black vest on his upper body.(Hard to imagine trying to travel incognito wearing rancor-riding gear. Actually, it is hard to imagine riding a rancor at all.)

Page 148 - She felt like a rancor had gripped her in its jaws and was shaking her back and forth.(That cannot have been a good feeling. Larin Moxla, a former Republic trooper, is under attack by the Mandalorian warrior Dao Stryver.)

Pages 164-165 - Ax skirted the edge of a deep rancor pit. The massive beasts snapped and roared at her, enraged by all the commotion. The handlers did their utmost to restrain them, using chains, hooks, and heavy weights, but the rancors' wild natures weren't so easily subdued. The truncated scream of one of the handlers followed Ax as she Force-leapt across the enclosure in pursuit of her quarry.(Ax is a Sith apprentice.)

Page 257 - If his deal with Tassaa Bareesh had gone awry, she would have ended up rancor food for certain.(Shigar, the Jedi Padawan, is worrying about his friend Larin Moxla, a former Republic trooper. Tassaa Bareesh is a notorious leader of the Hutt crime cartel.)

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