Friday, November 21, 2008

David's Review of Han Solo's Revenge (Legends)

2/5 Rancors - Han Solo's Revenge is the second tale in The Han Solo Adventures. Unfortunately, I found this one to be a real step down from the previous story, Han Solo at Stars' End. The synopsis of the story sounds good. Han and Chewie are tricked into an attempt to transport a shipload of slaves. Since anything associated with slavery is anathema to our heroes, we know they will fight against the attempt. They do exactly that and manage to free the slaves. However, from there on, the tale goes downhill. Han and Chewie take off in the Falcon in an effort to collect the fee they were promised as part of the deal. Things get complicated. They run into Fiolla, an Assistant Auditor-General for the Corporate Sector Authority, and Spray, a licensed collections agent who is charged with the responsibility of claiming the Falcon as payment for Han's unpaid debts. These two characters stay with us until the end of the tale at which point Spray turns out to be someone completely different.
The tale just did not hold my attention. The most interesting character to turn up is a hired gun named Gallandro who has the reputation of being the fastest gun in the galaxy. He and Han are involved in a showdown in which Gallandro backs down, but you just know that he will turn up in future stories. The story travels to the planets Bonadan and Ammuud, and in the end Han and Chewie make a slick maneuver to escape with Fiolla and Spray (actually Odumin, the CSA territorial manager) held hostage and their ten-thousand credit fee safely tucked away. So all ends well, but it could have ended equally well in about thirty fewer pages.

Now it's on to the third tale in Han's adventures. I am more optimistic about Han Solo and the Lost Legacy.

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